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Identifying personal boundaries

In my last post I had shared my experience of learning to set personal boundaries. There were more things I felt I could have shared and that was also the feedback I received to elaborate more on boundaries. But why so much important to boundaries you ask ? Well, there cannot be healthy co-existence without […]

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Learning the importance of personal boundaries

Just like how most of the girls are brought up, I was also trained to be a “good girl”. A “good girl” in most people’s context is the one who cares for everyone, the one who is nice , kind, loving towards everyone and most importantly, the one who is obedient or in other words […]

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Decluttering the mind in our workplace

Minimalism has gained it’s momentum for all the right reasons. Though not everyone wants to be a minimalist, but the ideas of reducing your possessions, could be given some thought and focus specially when it can affect your productivity. Be it your closet or office desk or desktop screen, excess possessions / things in your […]

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